Monthly Musing: Face It, I’m Weird

If you follow this blog, you probably already know that.

But I wanted to talk about a very specific kind of weirdness I have.

I see faces.

I don’t mean ghosts. I just mean, I see faces in things where they’re not intended to be. Like this souvlaki dinner.

Takeout souvlaki dinner that looks like a face, with onion & olive eyes, feta eyebrows, tomato ears, and souvlaki mouth.
(This is how it came. I almost didn’t have the heart to eat it.)

Okay, that was a pretty obvious one, but I wanted to be able to get my point across. Because usually the faces I see are a little more hidden. Like this grumpy cloud face.

Clouds over water.

Don’t see it?

How about now?

Same picture of clouds over water, only now two black dots mark the "eyes"

Apparently this ability to see faces in things is called pareidolia.

I always assumed everyone saw these things, but apparently not. As proven by the not insignificant amount of time I’ve spent trying to explain the faces I’m seeing to my husband. “Those two things at the top are eyes, and that big thing at the bottom is a mouth…” And he still only sees them about half the time.

For the past few years I’ve been taking photos of the best faces I see (that souvlaki meal is from ten years ago), although I never quite knew why.

For the past little while my husband has been suggesting I do something with the photos, but I was never sure what. After all, there are already a bunch of photoblogs and Instagram feeds run by fellow pareidoliacs (is that a word? I’m saying it’s a word) like Faces in Places and I See Faces.

He kept insisting I should take my photos and add to them. Draw on them to make the faces more obvious (like I did with the cloud photo above). But…drawing, especially on the computer, is not my strong suit. My artistic abilities lean more toward writing and cake decorating.

And yet.

The idea never really left me.

And then, finally, in December, it started to blossom into something. A blog that’s light on art and heavy on puns, with a sprinkling of parody for flavour. And so, at the start of January I launched (de)Face It (Get it, because I deface the photos…of faces?)

So, if you’re bored, or wondering just exactly how weird my sense of humour really is, I hope you’ll head on over to check it out.

It’s been a really fun creative outlet to help me get my mind off the world burning (or should I say coughing?) And I hope maybe it’ll bring a little laughter to the world.

January Update


It just doesn’t feel like a real year to me. More like something out of the Jetson’s.

Or maybe something out of a horror movie: 2020 (Part) II

Okay, now my standard complaint about time passing has been fulfilled, let’s actually get around to updating.

I didn’t work on my MG novel at all last month. I spent a lot of time working on holiday prep – it felt really important to make this year a good one, after everything that’s gone on. (And considering the state of Omicron right now, it was definitely the right decision.)

The rest of my time I spent working on another project that’s part writing and part (very bad) art. I’m not ready to announce it just yet (although you might catch a glimpse of it if you follow my Twitter closely). Stay tuned to my Monthly Musing in two weeks for the big reveal.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get to work on my novel this month, since schools here have gone online for the next two weeks, at least (I’ll be shocked if it’s less than four, considering our government is refusing to actually do anything to improve their safety while the buildings are shut.) But my goal is to revise that MG Horror/Fantasy I wrote as my NaNoWriMo project, so I can eventually query it.

I also read (well, mostly listened to audiobooks) last month:

December Reading Stats:

  • A Thriller (7)
  • A Mystery (3)
  • YA Fantasy (1)

December Total: 11

2021 Total Books Read/Listened to: 75 (+3 Re-Reads)

It’s a lot fewer than my usual over the last few years, but I’ll take it.

Guess that’s it for this month’s update. My family is planning to stay hunkered down this month in an attempt to avoid Omicron. Hope you all stay safe and healthy!