August Update

This Update is probably going to be a short one. It’s been busy here, as we’ve been trying to fit in a bunch of (still pandemic-friendly) visits and outings before cases skyrocket again in the Fall. (While Hubs, 12yo, and I are all now fully-vaxxed, our two 10-year-olds are not).

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve spent the last few months pushing for a safe return to school for Ontario kids in September. Our Board forced us to decide back in March (before Delta, before the third wave) whether our kids would do in-person or remote school for the entire 2021-2022 school year (no changes allowed). Back then we were naively hopeful that vaccines would bring community cases low enough that in-person school would be safe. Clearly that was a misjudgement.

Still, since our government admits that Delta is more serious and spreads worse than the original strain of Covid, has seen the rise in hospitalizations and Long Covid in children in other countries that reduced safety measures, and is fully expecting cases to surge in September, we can at least be confident they’ll do their best to keep our kids safe.

Just kidding, they removed a bunch of safety measures from an already weak plan (Ontario schools were closed more last year than any other in Canada).

This year, apparently it’s fine for kids in classes of up to 35 students to do indoor gym without distancing or masking, sing without distancing or masking, mix together at recess, assemblies, and in extra-curriculars, without any plan for surveillance testing to make sure Covid isn’t spreading undetected among a population that primarily presents asymptomatically.

But the government is paying for 5 HEPA filters per school, so yay, I guess?

To add insult to injury, the (presumably vaccinated) government official announcing these changes wouldn’t allow any reporters in the same room as him DUE TO COVID PRECAUTIONS despite having 5 air filters running.

*Deep breaths*


Anyway. This has been my life, lately. I spent all of yesterday writing emails to the Premier, Minister for Education, and my Member of Provincial Parliament, as well as several school board members and trustees. I’m angry and frustrated that we are within six months of having a vaccine for kids, and yet everyone has just decided to give up protecting them. (Our Chief Medical Officer of Health actually said it’s time to “normalize Covid in kids” like we do the flu. But have you ever heard of Long Flu? Yes, Covid only killed as many kids as flu last year, but that was while we were doing everything in our power to keep them safe!)

I am really stressed about this (obviously).

My fibromyalgia has many of the same symptoms as Long Covid (brain fog, exhaustion, muscle pain) and I would do just about anything to prevent my children (any child, really) from suffering like me.

Huh. Looks like this is going to be a long post after all.

Anyway, if you read all that, thank you.

I did manage some fiction writing in among all my letter writing. I’m 10,000 words into a new MG ghost story and loving it. Fingers crossed I can keep it up for the next 40,000 words.

I did very little reading in July, as you can see below:

July Reading Stats

  • MG Fantasy (3)
  • YA Fantasy (1)
  • Re-Read (1)

July Total: 4 (+1 Re-Read)

Year-to-Date Total: 42 (+2 Re-Reads)