July Update

And just like that another month has passed.

June was not a good writing month for me. I had a lot of trouble concentrating thanks to my fibromyalgia. I’ve been testing out some new meds, but unfortunately instead of helping with my brain fog, anxiety, pain, and insomnia, they made them all a lot worse. (Yay me!)

Just started on new med attempt #2, but if last night’s 1am hyperactivity is any indication, I’m not going to get relief any time soon.

On the happier side, as of today’s posting, I am officially double-vaxxed against Covid (two weeks past my second shot)!!! It’ll still be a few weeks until Hubs and the rest of our family is completely covered (and even longer until my under 12 twins get their shots), but I’m looking forward to being able to see my parents in-person for the first time in over a year.

When my health and the weather has allowed it, I’ve been spending most of my time taking care of our garden and finding new recipes for all the yummy new-to-us vegetables we’ve been getting from our friends’ farm weekly CSA box, and playing multiple games of Scrabble with the 12-year-old daily. Basically, life has been pretty quiet and slow – which is about all I can handle these days.

You’d think with all this quiet time, I’d have read/listened to a lot more audiobooks, but you’d be wrong. Apparently my attention span doesn’t even want to stretch to books these days, although I’ve watched way too much bad TV, as can be seen in my:

June Reading Stats

  • MG Fantasy (3)
  • MG Sci-Fi (1)
  • YA Fantasy (1)
  • A Urban Fantasy (1)
  • Re-Read (1)

June Total: 6 (+1 Re-Read)

Year-to-Date: 38 (+1 Re-Read)