June Update

Despite the onset of spring and beautiful weather, and Covid case numbers finally going down in my province, this month has been a definite struggle. My fibromyalgia comes with free side orders of depression and brain fog along with the entrée of chronic pain, which can make writing (or even focusing) anywhere from difficult to impossible on bad days. Which, of course, results in getting caught in a neverending loop:

Still, thanks to these monthly updates, I can tell you I added 7,000 words to my MG superhero book – which is less than I would have liked, but more than I thought I’d managed to accomplish, so I’m going to call it a win.

I only have one month left until my kids are out for the summer, however, they’re old enough to entertain themselves this year (at least some of the time) so hopefully I’ll still manage to get some writing done.

And…that’s really all that’s been going on with me. I’m afraid I’ve been terribly boring, splitting my time between chores, gardening, and writing, Oh, and a few audiobooks:

May Reading Log

  • MG Fantasy (6)

May Total: 6

Year-to-Date Total: 32