Why I Can’t Seem to Get Any Writing Done…

Last week, I wrote about how I’ve been having trouble finding time to write. That afternoon, I decided I would sit and write, no matter what. Then this happened:

I write better with a hot drink, so I went to make a cup of tea.

While the kettle was boiling, I realized the kitchen was a mess from lunch, so I tidied.

Put the kettle back on and reached for my (Best Emperor in the Galaxy) mug. Remembered I’d left it downstairs. Went to grab it (because dirty mug + ants in house = gross).

Had to pass laundry room, which reminded me it was time to switch loads. Hung up a bunch of clothes & threw next load in washer.

Went to get dirty mug. Discovered I’d left it in craft room where I’d been making (very late) birthday cards for my cousins. Stopped to finish those (very late!) cards.

Had to find cheques for cards. Didn’t have enough, so tried to figure out if we’re out, or I just misplaced them in the move. Searched house.

Went online and ordered more cheques.

Searched house for enough cash.

Paused for a requested “Hug Break” from hormonal tween.

Addressed envelope (I send them together to save postage). Discovered I still don’t have enough stamps. Sigh.

Put cards aside.

Turn on kettle for third time. Make cocoa now, because frustrated.

Decide this would make a good blog post. Bring cocoa to computer..

Realize I need to finish ordering Tween’s birthday gift. Fall down an Amazon rabbit hole. Order gift.

Write blog post.

Finish post just in time to get called to help with French class.

And that’s how my writing time evaporates. Sigh.

May Update

How? How has another month gone by already?

I feel like I’ve hardly accomplished anything, writing-wise, in the last 30-odd days.

I’m still working on my MG SFF Superhero story. After deciding my voice wasn’t right, I went back and started revising back at page one, with hopes of getting the voice right before proceeding any farther. I’m almost at 15,000 words, and I think I’ve got the voice now, but somehow life keeps getting in the way of actually writing.

Most of my spare time has been spent on household stuff: preparing for my kids’ birthdays (it being the second year of no in-person parties due to the pandemic has perhaps led to some over compensating on my part), regular chores like laundry and cleaning, and new chores needed for the new house – one-time things like painting, and fixing window screens, as well new regular chores (the place came with a huge garden and pool, which are amazing, but suck up large amounts of time and effort).

And then there was the two days I lost to vaccine side effects, which was perhaps the best possible reason ever to not be able to work.

Mentally/emotionally this month has been rough. The Covid situation in my province has gotten way out of control, thanks to our useless government putting money above lives. While I’m probably fairly safe from infection personally (thanks to being able to stay home and my spiffy new vax) our health care system is on the verge of collapse, with all non-emergent surgeries being cancelled, and hospitals are on the verge of triaging care (aka not treating people with underlying conditions) – which is pretty freaking stressful for someone (like me) who has underlying conditions.

And don’t even get me started on the stress of wondering if I made the right decision to let my kids go back to in-person schools next year when they likely won’t be vaccinated and the school boards say life will be “back to normal” while the Education Ministry says only classroom numbers and funding will be normal, while all other Covid precautions (which failed miserably this year) will be back in place.

And of course none of this stress has been great for my underlying conditions, which just makes everything seem even worse and I just want to scream into a nice empty void somewhere, except that would probably count as non-essential travel.


Anyway. Hopefully I will find some more time to write this month. I didn’t manage to read (/listen to audiobooks) very much this month either, as you can see from my :

April Reading Log

  • MG Fantasy (3)
  • YA Fantasy (1)
  • Adult Mystery (1)
  • Adult UF (1)

April Total : 6

Year-to-Date: 26