April Update

I’m writing this post with a migraine, so bear with me, folks.

April started pretty quiet, writing-wise. I tried to revise my Adult Urban Fantasy another time – I trimmed some extraneous stuff from the first few chapters, but after that I ended up just reading it like it was someone else’s book. I’m still querying it, but the responses I’m getting seem to be that agents think it’s unsellable (despite the fact I’ve seen readers looking for something like it on Twitter. Sigh.)

I spent some time working on games for my boys’ second pandemic birthday zoom party (that is, second in a row, not that they’re turning two). Trying to make it special, despite the fact we’ll likely be in a pretty tight lockdown the way things are going (hit the highest ICU Covid case count for the whole pandemic today, with patients being shipped to my city of Ottawa from Toronto, 5+ hours away). Still trying to figure out what to do for cake…

And, of course, just as I should be getting ready to jump into revisions on my YA Fantasy, I got an idea for a MG Sci-Fi (Superhero) story, so I’ve been working (very slowly) on it. Only one thousand words in, as of typing this, but pretty happy with it so far.

All right, my brain is starting to hurt, so I’ll wrap it up with my

March Reading Stats:

  • MG Fantasy (2)
  • YA Fantasy (4)
  • Adult Fantasy (1)
  • Adult Urban Fantasy (1)

March Total: 8

Year-to-Date Total: 20