One Year Later (aka March Check-In)

It’s hard to believe a full year has passed since the pandemic started. It both feels like we’ve been doing this forever, and that things like the whole Tiger King craze just happened last week.

My household has been lucky, in that we’re able to do school and work from home, and limit our grocery shops and other outings, but we really miss seeing friends and extended family up close. Plus there’s all the stress and anxiety from having multiple health conditions (including asthma) myself, and a large number of high-risk family members. (Anyone out there not had a forgot-my-mask-in-a-crowded-place nightmare?)

My school board is adding to the stress by making us decide within the next ten days whether our kids will attend remote or in-person school for the entirety of next year (no changes allowed after March 14 2021). To have to make this decision at the cusp of the third wave, with variants increasing by the day, and no idea what the vaccine situation will be by September, is incredibly frustrating and rage inducing.

Seriously, this was me, reading the email from the board:

We think we know what we’re going to do, but I would feel much more comfortable making this decision in July or August. Especially as our current back-up plan involves pulling them from school entirely and homeschooling (aka losing most of my next year of writing time.) Sigh.

Speaking of writing, I was super productive during February and managed to finish the first draft of my YA Fantasy, clocking in at just under 82,000 words total. I still have a ton of revision ahead of me, but I’m happy with the rough shape of the project.

As always, I’ll be taking this month away from that project, so I can get some mental space and come back to it with fresh eyes. This month will be spent catching up on chores, researching elements for that book, and taking another look at my Adult Urban Fantasy before sending out more queries.

Because I spent so much time writing last month, I didn’t do as much reading (also, some of these books were much longer than my usual reads).

Reading Stats

  • A Urban Fantasy (1)
  • YA Fantasy (3)
  • YA SciFi (1)

February Total: 5

Year-to-Date: 12

Well, that’s it for this month. See you in April. Hopefully by then the weather will be beautiful, the snow will be gone, and maybe gardens will even be beginning to sprout (seriously, I’m so excited to see what my new garden looks like!). Stay safe, everyone!