I’m Back…Sort Of…(But Not Really)

Well, that month went by quickly.

Too quickly.

My month (mostly) away from social media seems to have helped my head a bit (and/or my new meds are starting to work), so I’m going to continue with it. That means no Twitter or blog again until March.

I’ll be honest, the FOMO when I’m away from Twitter is pretty intense. I’m definitely out of the loop when it comes to industry scandals and gossip, and miss contact with my online friends.

That said, I don’t miss the anxiety of being constantly bombarded with news headlines and outrage.

My WiP is still progressing slowly. I was only able to spend half of January working on it, thanks to a well-needed family vacation for one week, and a post-vacation illness for the next, but I’m looking forward to kicking this nasty cold and getting back to writing (*tries to ignore the looming teacher strikes that mean I’ll have kids home and not be able to work*).

On the bright side, at least I got to listen to audiobooks, giving myself a strong start to my yearly total.

January Reading Stats:

  • Adult Mystery (25)
  • Adult Paranormal Mystery (4)
  • Re-Read (1)

Year-to-Date: 29 (+ 1 Re-Read)