August Check-In

Wow, did the last month ever fly by quickly.

Summer vacation is already half-over, and I’m not sure where the time has gone.

(Okay, yes I am. It’s gone to hanging out at my parents’ cottage, wrangling my children, reading/listening to audiobooks, and cleaning my house.)

Notice the lack of “writing” in that list.

In fact, pretty much the only writing-related work I did in July was critiquing stuff for four critique partners (I prepped my own chapters before school ended in June).

On the bright side, my kids have a week of day camp this month, so I’m looking forward to getting some writing done then.

Health-wise, I’m doing pretty well now, but my knees got so bad that I spent over half of July needing a cane to walk even short distances. (Have I mentioned fibromyalgia sucks? Because it totally does.)

That’s pretty much my month, except for my

July Reading Stats:

  • Adult Paranormal (1)
  • Adult Mystery (22)
  • Adult Paranormal Mystery (told you it was a genre) (2)
  • DNF (1)

July Total: 25 (+ 1 DNF)

Year-to-Date: 133 (+22 Re-Reads)

See you next month for my next update, and a return to weekly blog posts.