July Reading Stats

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer here (seriously, how is it August already?) And the time away from writing has made my hands feel a little bit better, and I’m on a path to getting some answers health-wise (I’ll try and do a post about that in the Fall).

I’ve had a bit of time for audiobooks on my adventures, but this month I’ve been mainly indulging in my love of Adult mysteries (as you’ll see below), only reading the YA holds that arrived during the month.

Hope you’re all having a good summer. More posts in a month.

July  Reading Stats:

  • YA Sci-Fi (1)
  • YA Fantasy (1)
  • MG* Mystery (1) *although it’s listed as MG and has a twelve-year-old protagonist, the book read much older to me (YA or Adult), both in terms of voice and content
  • Adult Mystery (16)

July Total: 19

Year to Date: 117