June Reading Stats

As promised, here are my reading stats for this month. It was a busy month, with lots of school volunteering and finishing up the revision of my MG Fantasy to send to Bri, but I still managed a good number of audiobooks.

For anyone wondering about my health, I’ve managed to score an earlier doctor’s appointment, so maybe (just maybe) I’ll get some answers before September. My hands are still aching, but I’m enjoying my vacation from work.

More in a month.

June Reading Stats:

  • YA Contemporary (12)
  • YA Mystery/Thriller (2)
  • YA Fantasy (5)
  • YA Contemporary with Paranormal elements (not sure how to categorize this one) (1)

June Total: 20

Year to Date: 98 (Almost 100 books and only halfway through the year. Not bad, if I do say so myself)