Some Thoughts on High School

So, as a YA author, it kind of goes without saying that I spend a lot of time thinking about high school. But last week I attended my husband’s 20th High School Reunion, and it sparked a whole bunch of new thoughts (mostly about my own high school experience) I figured I’d share with you (this may continue in multiple posts…)

1. Not all high schools are built the same. I’m talking the actual buildings here. I went to two high schools, in two different cities/towns, and they had a few differences, (like, one had a nice grassy quad to hang out in, and the other had a giant Shop/Restaurant Services/Cosmotology corridor) but they were both the regular kind of boring brick 1950’s-era buildings that are unmistakably schools.

Hubs’ school was a castle. Like, a 170-year-old grey stone building with an English class in a turret that had a window straight out of Romeo & Juliet. (Yes, he went to school in Canada).

2. People have fairly small groups of actual friends (the rest are just acquaintances). Most people at the reunion seemed to only “know” a couple of people (who they still kept in touch with through social media) and everyone else got a vague, “Oh yeah, I remember your name.” If you were one of the people whose core group of friends didn’t make it to the reunion…well, it was pretty much a room full of strangers.

3. Most of my friends at my second high school (where I spent 4 of my 5 years) didn’t graduate the same year as me. Some were in my year, but only did a 4-Year program. Others were a year older or younger from class (my schedule was all kinds of messed-up from changing schools) or clubs.

So, I probably wouldn’t go to my own reunion, since a reunion of my graduating year would be mostly strangers. The few people I want to stay in touch with are already my friends on Facebook.

(Although, let’s face it, if I suddenly become a best-selling author before my 25th reunion, I might be tempted to attend).

4. I *would* attend a reunion for my first high school (the one I only attended 9th grade at). Those are the people I went to school with from 4th to 9th grade, some of whom are still my best friends in life. And while I am Facebook friends with a decent number of them, I’d jump at the chance to meet them again in person.

(For the record, I actually went to their Prom, and had a reunion with them about…15 years ago? – In fact, maybe what I actually want is an 8th grade reunion, rather than a high school reunion…is that too weird?)

As it turns out, I had a reunion with someone I went to that first school with…but there’s a story to go with that, so I think I’ll save it for another post. Tune in next week to find out what happened…


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