Best Laid Plans…

The fun thing about being a writer is that you never quite know what your schedule is going to look like (well, unless you have deadlines, those are pretty set in stone).

So while I started the week revising my MG fantasy for a critique, the sudden arrival of revision notes from my agent’s assistant meant a change of plans was in order.

Which means I’m back to revising my contemporary YA. I’m hoping the number of line edits included means this will be our last round, but I guess that depends on how well I manage to revise.

I’m still squeezing work around the kids, getting up early to work before they’re awake, and occasionally working while they’re off playing, which means this won’t be my fastest revision ever. (I may already be counting down the days until their week at day camp.)

But I’m determined to make it my best. Get this thing as shiny as it can be, so it can go out to editors and hopefully hook someone.

So, keep your fingers crossed that my kids sleep late over the next few weeks.



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