Quick Check-In

Just a short post this week, as summer is shaping up to be a bit busier than I expected. Unfortunately, so far I haven’t been able to squeeze in as much writing as I’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean my brain isn’t constantly working away.

My next goal is to whip that too-short MG Fantasy into good enough shape for a crit I won from an editor. The only problem is…I’m not quite sure *how* to fix it up just yet.

So, while I run story and character ideas through my head, I’m spending my downtime reading books on writing, hoping one of them will help me figure out what this story is lacking (you know, besides words). With any luck, by the time I have an opportunity write again, I’ll have some concrete ideas about what’s needed to revise this manuscript.

Hope your summer has been more productive than mine so far. More next week.


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