Officially on Mom-Duty

Well, today is the last day of school here, which means it’s my last day as an almost-full-time writer for the next two months. It’s been a bit of a scramble, but I managed to get my revision pretty much done (just waiting on feedback from some critique partners before I put the final polish on and send it back to my agent).

Things were slightly complicated by my headaches deciding to go into overdrive (at least partially due to the weird weather we’ve been having – it’s like migraine central in Ottawa these days), and partly because bad timing meant I also had a deadline for a craft exchange this week as well. (I work on the crafts outside of school/work hours, but it meant I didn’t have any extra time to pour into revising.) Everything got done, but there was perhaps a bit more stress involved than needed in the process.

The craft exchange was fun and it got me working on something creative that wasn’t writing, which helped refresh my creative spirit. If you’re interested in what I made, you can check out my Facebook page, where I post photos of my creative projects, including baking (although no baking went into this gift – I was afraid it would melt before it got there).

For the rest of the summer, I’ll be working on revising that too-short MG Fantasy, and finishing up the draft of my YA Fantasy…likely in short bursts before the kids are up in the morning, or during their one hour of TV time/day. I’ll still be blogging here, too, although I may take an occasional week off if things come up (I’ll try to give you guys advanced warning if I can).

To be honest, I’m hoping some time away from the computer will help with my headaches, so maybe an enforced summer vacation isn’t the worst thing ever.

Happy Canada Day (in advance) to my Canadian readers, and Happy 4th of July to my American ones!



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