The Mysterious Disappearance of Seven Days…

Ack! Sorry guys, don’t have much of a post this week. This week seems to have disappeared in a cloud of doctors and hospitals, (some scheduled, some not).

Unfortunately one of my sons decided to join his mom in the Concussion Club this week. After a scary first day spent mostly in the ER, he seems to be doing okay now, except for resenting the restrictions he’s under for the next week (no biking, running, playground or gym class) – which ought to be really easy to enforce on a 6-year-old.

The same boy also discovered this week he’s in for another knee surgery, after a summer of painkillers/anti-inflammatories, so he’s definitely having a worse week than I am.

Hope your week is going better than ours, and that next week is more productive and less exciting for all of us.


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