MG Draft: Good News and Bad News

Well, the good news is that I finished the MG Fantasy draft I was working on. The bad news is that I was only able to bump it up to 21,000 words by the end.

But I’m not worried (yet). That’s just the first draft, after all. There’s lots of time for it grow up into a full book.

The next step, (in my writing process, at least, every writer is different) is to let the story sit, unread, for at least a month. Get some distance between me and my darlings, so I can judge them with a more impartial eye.

After that, I’ll revise on my own for a while, doing as many drafts as I feel it needs (and hopefully finding about 9,000 words along the way). I already know I want to focus more on character development, and I’m debating gender-swapping two characters to deal with some potential issues…I may even end up writing a whole second gender-swapped draft to see how that plays out.

Once I have the shiniest draft I can make on my own, then I’ll take it to my critique partners and see what they can do with it. After I revise with their help, it’s off to Bri for more revision suggestions (or possibly rejection).

But that’s all far in the future.

For now, I need to walk away from the story and focus on other things.

By happy coincidence, this a good week for me not to be drafting. I have a slew of non-writing things eating away at my time this week: doctor’s appointments, an event at my daughter’s school, the last minute scramble to get costumes ready for Comiccon on Sunday.

But that should still leave me some time to brainstorm for whatever I’m writing next. Right now I’ve got two projects competing for brain space: a YA Fantasy falling into some troubling gender stereotypes, and an MG Fairy Tale retelling that’s not developed enough for me to tell if it’s worth writing. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have scribbled out enough thoughts to at least figure out which one deserves my time.

Right, I think that’s it for this week. Off to brainstorm…


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