This Draft is Going Quickly…Too Quickly

I never thought I’d complain about drafting a story too quickly, but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?

This new MG Fantasy is just pouring out of me, which is great. The words are flowing–a huge and wonderful change from having to drag them out, the way I’ve been doing for all my recent failed drafts.

And yet…I’m burning through my plot outline faster than my expected word count. Scenes are coming together with fewer words than expected, and I’m just about out of plot.

At this rate, my absolute bare bones first draft is going to top out at 20,000 words…sometime today. Now, this is meant as a young MG, so that’s not completely unreasonable, but in my head, I was aiming for more like 35,000 words.

So, tomorrow, it’ll be time to go back and see if I can add any more scenes, or fill out existing scenes. I know I need to add more character development (my kryptonite), so hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone. I think my new goal for this draft will be around 27,000 words.

The last time I had a draft fall this short, I added a POV to boost my word count. It won’t work this time, but that last story is the one that got me my agent, so maybe this is a good sign after all.

Either way, I’m excited to keep writing and see exactly how this story ends.


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