My Favourite Part of Writing…

…is revising.

Is that weird?

I know some people absolutely hate the editing stage, but for me, it’s where the magic happens. The drafting stage is always full of doubts. Is this any good? Why is this character doing this? How am I going to finish this? What happened to the monkey?

But by the time I get to the editing stage, I’ve put those doubts behind me. I’ve decided my story is strong enough that it’s worth fixing. Once I get the input of my critique partners, every edit just makes the story even better.

But the best part comes after I send my shiniest version to my agent Bri. Her comments are invariably so concise, so accurate, that my mind is racing with solutions before I even finish reading her editorial letter.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve been hard at work on edits for Bri for my YA Contemporary. With any luck, I’ll be on sub with it soon, and then go back to two of my less-favourite aspects of writing: drafting (more on that next week) and waiting.

Are you a writer? What are your favourite parts of the process? Let me know in the comments.


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