Watching the Days Go By…


Sorry for the delay in posting everyone, I’ve been laid out with a nasty cold this week. But you have to kind of appreciate the irony in making you wait for a post about waiting…

The world of publishing is full of waiting. Waiting to get some emotional distance from a new draft, waiting for critiques, waiting to hear from agents and/or editors…every step of the journey seems to be filled with more waiting.

So how is a writer supposed to fill these seemingly endless stretches of time? Here are some ways I’ve been whiling away my working hours.

  1. Take a break from writing – Reward yourself by taking a day or two off. Let your brain relax, indulge in some Netflix, go for a walk, catch up on all the chores you let slide while you were busting your butt to meet your deadline. But, since the waiting will take longer than just a few days…
  2. Work on another creative project – I find the best way to refresh my creative well is by working on a creative project that doesn’t involve words. I’m fortunate to have a book on cake decorating out, so baking and decorating technically fall under “work” for me (my author Facebook page is pretty much all baking posts). Once you’re sufficiently refreshed you can…
  3.  Start planning something new – Is your book going to have a sequel? Now’s a good time to plan it out (although I wouldn’t recommend actually *writing* it until the first one sells, just in case). Is your book a one-off? Start brainstorming new ideas, and see which ones you can flesh out into a whole story – who knows, maybe your new idea will be even better than the draft that’s sitting and waiting.
  4. Take a social media inventory – Cleaning up your social media profile is a great way to kill time. Make sure all your links are live, update your photos, and generally check that you’re making a good impression. While you’re at it…
  5. Bank some extra social media posts – Have a blog? Write a few extra posts to have on hand when those revisions come back and you’re too busy to deal. Go on a photo hunt for your Pinterest or Instagram pages. Come up with some witty one-liners for Twitter.

Well, those are my best ideas. I’ve already done numbers 1, 2, and 3, and 4 and 5 are on my to-do list. I’m hoping Bri will come back to me soon with revisions, but until then, I’m determined to keep busy. Who knows, maybe my shiny new idea will turn out to be something amazing.

What do you do to keep busy while waiting? Let me know in the comments.


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