Thankful to be Done!

Hope all my American friends have a Happy Turkey Day!
Hope all my American friends have a Happy Turkey Day!

Well, I did it! It took twice as long as expected, but I finally finished a 50,000-word first draft of my YA.


Time to relax, take a breath, enjoy the peace–

Wait, I mean time to work on a second Threadcakes entry, plot out a new book (gotta love it when an idea grabs you and won’t let go), and start getting ready for the holidays!

Either way, for now my work on that YA is done for now. I always let my books sit for at least a month after writing to get some distance, and I’m guessing I won’t even open that file until next year.

Which is good. Because right now, I’m not sure how much I like it. But I’ve felt like this before about books. I *hated* my other YA when its first draft was done. Now it’s my favourite thing I’ve ever written, and it’s sitting with Bri waiting for revision notes. But I needed some time and space to be able to make a rational decision. (I also needed lots of revisions.)

So, while I don’t know if this YA will ever make it to the revision stage (it feels pretty blah to me at the moment), for now the best thing I can do is occupy myself until it’s time to re-read it. Who knows, maybe it’ll surprise me.

P.S. If you’re interested in seeing how my Threadcakes entry is going, check out my Facebook and Twitter, where I’m posting up some progress shots. (It looks like this cake is going to continue my new trend of “things taking twice as long to finish than I had planned,” but hopefully the end result will be worth it!)


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