What’s on My Plate Right Now…

Pretend Pie is on my plate.
Pretend Pie is on my plate.

Last week I wrote about how much I’m looking forward to school starting again (6 days and counting!!!) so I could recharge my creative well and ease myself back into writing almost-full-time. This week I thought I’d focus on the writing projects awaiting my attention.

It’s not quite a goal list since I don’t have deadlines set right now (although I’d like to get them done). More of a “what are you working on now” kind of thing. Here goes:

1) Editing my PBs – once I encorporte the latest round of crits from my critique partners, I hope to have one more round with a fresh set of eyes (or two) before letting Bri pass judgement on them (I’ll be asking you all to cross your fingers for me when I get to that stage).

2) Finishing edits on my YA – I’m still working this one through my critique group, too, but we’re almost at the end. After that it’s time for one more full read-through (I’ve been editing as I go) and then it’ll be on it’s way to Bri’s inbox while I sit and bite my nails.

3) Plotting, plotting, and more plotting – for my new YA. Hubs bought me Scrivener for my birthday, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll keep me organized (anything’s got to be better than random notebooks that get lost in my house).

4) Write a new draft! – That’s right, I’m moving on! So exciting. I haven’t written a new draft of anything since before my concussion (over two years ago). Since I don’t want to wait until NaNo for this (unless other things get in the way) I’m hoping to “challenge” one of my writer friends to keep us both accountable and writing away!

5) Get back on the critiquing bandwagon – Summer started strong for me, but a couple weeks of limited computer time in August got me out of the habit. Time to step back up to my responsibilities.

Right I think that’s everything (it’s more than enough to keep me busy for the next few months!) What projects are you working on right now? Tell me about it in the comments.




2 thoughts on “What’s on My Plate Right Now…

  1. Kaye – I would love to have us hold each other accountable for first drafts on new projects. I just started one a couple of weeks ago since our critique group has been slow. Hoping to pop between it and dickensen academy edits depending on what side of my brain wants to work. But hope to be fully focused on it for NaNoRiMo.

    1. Sure, Christy – the more people I have to report to, hopefully the more I’ll stick to my goals. We haven’t set anything in stone, yet, but we were thinking of starting around the 12th. I’m hoping to do mine NaNo-style and finish it by Oct 12th (I like to fast-draft, and then spend lots of time on edits). I’ll message you later to discuss.

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