Getting Ready for the End of Summer

The sun sets on summer vacation.
The sun sets on summer vacation.

I love Fall. The cool weather, cozy clothes, pumpkin spice-everything. And, most importantly, back-to-school.

In just 13 days, all three kids will be back in school, and I’ll be back to being an almost-full-time writer. (Not that I’m counting or anything)

After 9 (! Seriously who schedules these things?) weeks of being a full-time mom, I will once again be able to write for more than five minutes at a time, check into my social media accounts without an audience (who’s that person? go back up, I want to see that picture!) and leave the house alone.

Last year it was easy to jump into work. With a deadline of 60 days to decorate and write-up 40+ cakes, there was no time to lose. But this year I have no deadlines, except the ones I make myself (at least for the first few weeks).

This year I’ve decided to ease myself in. I’m already trying to increase my writing time (as much as I’m able to, with three kids at home): allowing the kids to watch a little TV so I can edit a chapter (now that summer’s almost over, I don’t have to stress about setting up bad habits), and getting up even earlier to write before everyone’s up.

On the flip side, I have some things I’d like do once the kids go back, too. Like sit in a café, alone (I’ll bring a notebook for brainstorming), walk in the woods by our house, alone (with my camera for potential blog photos), and just watch an episode of bad TV (or three).  While these things may or may not contribute to actual writing, hopefully they can help refill the creative well, which in my mind is almost as important.

What about you? Are you counting the days until the kids go back? Does back-to-school equal back-to-work? If so, how do you prepare yourself to get back in the groove?



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