Mini PB Challenge Results

Threadcakes 2D 004

Well, I almost did it.

Last week I challenged myself to write one picture book for every day my kids were away at camp. Which sounded pretty ridiculous at the time, given how much other work (mostly house chores) I also had on my plate.

But, in the end, I managed to write 4 1/2 PB drafts. Not a bad result if you ask me, especially considering how stumped I’ve been with the category lately.

As for that pesky half draft. Well, it just did not want to get written.

I started with an idea. I thought I knew exactly how I wanted the story to go. But once I started writing, something else entirely came out onto the page (yes, I still draft PBs in a notebook, then type them later).  So I decided to go with the flow and finish this new version, then go back and try again to get the version I had in my head out onto paper. But then neither of them wanted to cooperate. It was like I was stuck (still am stuck) unable to move to the “right” version until the “odd” version is done, but unable to find an ending for the ‘odd’ version…

I don’t know how to fix it, but for now I’m closing the notebook and walking away from that draft. It may never get any longer. Or maybe in three months I’ll pick it back up and know exactly how to finish it. But for now, I’m going to focus on my other drafts.

I’m already working on revisions on the four whole books. Some of my online critique group has taken a look, and I’m getting ready (mentally and physically) to send them to my in-person group when we meet in two weeks. I don’t know if they’ll ever make it to Bri, let alone past her, but at least I’m writing PBs again.

Which makes my challenge a bit fat win! (At least until/unless someone tells me these drafts are beyond saving.) Although, really, all writing is a win, even if it never makes it to print. All a part of the practice it takes to become a master of the craft.

And besides that, I feel like I learned a lot this week about PBs, so tune in next week to see the first of several PB posts based on realizations made during my mini-challenge.

What about you? Did you challenge yourself? Did you come out ahead? Let me know in the comments…


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