Birthday Musings

birthday cupcake

It’s that time of the year again. Time for me to reflect on my writing career and how it’s progressing.

And I have to say, it’s going pretty well. This time last year I never would have guessed I’d have a book in stores already!

That’s right, in the past year, I not only got my first book contract, but I wrote the book (including baking, decorating and photographing 40 cakes) and had my first book actually published (if you know anything about the usual pace of things in publishing, you’ll know this alone was a minor miracle!)

Not only that, but promo for FUN WITH FROSTING meant I got to do two television appearances, a cake demo, and a book signing – not to mention hosting my first-ever book launch party (to give you an idea of the joy of this: when I was a wannabe actress my daydreams were filled with Oscar acceptance speeches, since aspiring to be published they’ve revolved around planning book launches).

It’s been a fabulous year for my career. And, while time is quickly running out on my dream to get a fiction book published before I hit 40, hopefully the next year brings me at least a book contract, as well as a bucket full of inspiration!

Hope this year has been as good for your writing as mine has!


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