Thanking my Lucky Stars

Seraphina's B-Day & Fam Reunion 188

So, last week was kind of a crappy week for me. Aside from all of the depressing news, I was also dealing with some personal stuff, plus my (never-freaking-ending) health issues, among other things. But it could have been worse.

Remember how happy I was to finally finish this draft of my YA? The one I’ve been struggling to finish for months?

Well, I was working on revising, when Word shut down on me. No big deal, right? I mean, I’d saved it recently, at most I was going to lose the last change or two I’d made that day – and since I still had my crit notes available, it wasn’t going to take much to fix it.


When I re-opened my doc, it was corrupted in a way I’ve never seen before. All the revisions I’d done that morning were there, except instead of being Chapter 23, it was now called Chapter 22. After much searching, I discovered Chapter 20 had simply disappeared, adjusting the numbering of the following chapters – until Chapter 26, after which the numbering started over at Chapter 1. Oh yeah, and those two new chapters I wrote last week to finally finish my draft? Gone. Poof!

Fortunately for me, I’d emailed myself a copy right after I finished those two new chapters. And, even more fortunately, last week kept me so busy with all its stresses, I hadn’t done any work on it since I’d emailed the copy – so I was actually able to piece my draft back together without too much effort (and only a few tears).

So, let this be a lesson for all of you. Back up your work.

Let me say that again: BACK UP YOUR WORK!!!

Seriously, this could have been a terrible end to an already horrible, no good, very bad week. Instead, I was able to take a deep breath, thank my lucky stars, and move along.

Now go back up your work!




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