Feeling Productive

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I’ve had plenty to keep me busy this year. From persistent health issues, to launching my first book, to being sucked into the vortex of social media, to getting swamped with critiques, (not to mention having about a bazillion cakes to bake) I’ve had lots of excuses to put writing new words on the back burner.

I know how important it is to keep writing. Really I do. Every day, week, and month that ticks by on submission makes me more aware that pretty soon I’m going to need something new to show to my agent.

But words have been hard to come by. Picture book ideas have been eluding me, and every time I think I’ve got the ending down for my YA WIP, I end up deleting the last two chapters and going back to the drawing board.

Until this month. (Not this month as in June, because it’s only a few days in, but the past 30 days or so since I finished the major push of launching Fun with Frosting.)

I’ve spent the last few weeks really buckling down and writing. It all started with my son inspiring a new PB idea, which quickly turned into a draft, then a revision, then another revision, and another (with crit group feedback, of course) until it finally resulted in a finished PB, which I handed in to Bri this week. (It’s the first PB I’ve deemed worthy of her eyes in over a year, so needless to say, I’m a bit of a nervous wreck waiting to find out what she thinks.)

Plus, after no less than five complete deletions and re-writes, I’ve finally figured out how to end my YA – and got it written! That’s right, I’m officially sitting with a finished first draft. Woohoo!

My goal was to have this draft completed before school let out – and I made it, despite often doubting it was possible. There’s still quite a bit of revising to do, but I should be able to whip those chapters into shape by the time my crit group is ready for them (my new goal is get all the chapters critted over the summer – we’re a bit more than halfway through now).

So, just like that, by the power of butt-in-chair, I’ve got two new projects brewing, and with any luck I’ll have at least one of them out on sub before the year is over (maybe even faster, but it when it comes to time in publishing it’s better to aim low).

Plus, I’ve got an idea for a new YA bubbling away in my mind, so I’ve established the goal of outlining it over the summer (while full-time-mama-ing it), so I’m ready to start writing come September, when I’m back to having time.

What about you? Accomplished any goals you want to brag about? Tell me in the comments!



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