Happy Agentversary to Me!

Official Pity Party Cupcakes
Official Pity Party Cupcakes

Okay, so I missed the actual day, what with all the chaos of launching Fun with Frosting into the world, but this month marks one year since I signed with my fabulous, amazing agent, Brianne Johnson at Writer’s House.

And the occasion has stirred up mixed feelings in me.

I mean, on one hand, I am so happy to be out of the querying trenches and able to focus on writing. I’m thrilled to have an advocate for my books, and someone to consult about my career. And, of course, I’m stunned, and excited, and positively flabbergasted to have a book out in stores!


I still haven’t sold any of my children’s fiction.

And it feels like every other day some well-meaning friend or family member asks me when my next book is coming out.

I was having quite the pity party for myself, until I mentioned how I was feeling to my agented writers’ group (my online group spread across the globe, who all got our agents around the same time). That’s when I discovered I’m not alone.

Less than a quarter of us have sold books. Some have already had to abandon the book their agent signed them for. In fact, I’m the only one of us at this point who has a book out.

Getting a book published is hard. The odds really are against you (Click here to see the best post I could find about the actual odds of getting published, by the fabulous Harold Underdown.) And the best way to get there is to keep producing new things to send out to editors.

So I’m going to keep writing. Because we all know what you call a writer who never gives up:



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