Behind the Scenes of FUN WITH FROSTING


As you all probably know, my cake decorating book, FUN WITH FROSTING will officially be in stores on Tuesday, (Squee! Double squee! Muppet arm flail!) so I thought it would be fun to let you have a behind-the-scenes peek at what making the book was like.

First off, it was a whirlwind event. I’m used to publishing moving at glacial speed, but not this time. Because my publishers wanted the book out in spring (just in time for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and summer birthday season), I had about 60 days to bake, decorate, photograph, and write up my 40 designs (not to mention all the other tips and techniques, I’ve included.)

The time crunch meant that sometimes I decorated cakes purely for the camera – leaving their back ends naked as the day they were baked.


(In case you’re wondering, yes, I have fully decorated all of these cakes before, so I know they will turn out according to the instructions provided.)

And since my baking time was as tight as my decorating time, I also may have scraped down a cake or two and re-decorated a new design on top of the old one.

If you look in the background, you can see this snake used to be a colorful caterpillar before he got his scales.
If you look in the background, you can see this snake used to be a colorful caterpillar before he got his scales.

I did all the photos and food styling myself (after spending a few weeks studying every food, photography, and food photography blog I could find.) I think I took, on average, about 50 photos for every one that made it into the book. Sometimes I took 100 photos, but ended up using the very first one, but more often it took me those 50 shots to get just the right angle and lighting.

Sometimes I had to get into crazy positions to get the photo I wanted (don’t tell my kids how much time I spent sprawling across and/or standing on our dining table). My friend thought I looked so hilarious, she couldn’t resist snapping a shot of me herself.

Photo by: Katherine Battersby
Photo by: Katherine Battersby

In fact, my Radical Robot cake was so big, I couldn’t shoot him on the table – which meant I had to disassemble him and stick him back together on a board on the floor before I could do the photos for his design. I just about cried when I realized it, but he went back together without too much hassle, and the photos turned out in the end.


(Also, this is why you should never, ever use paper as a cake base – as you can see, it absorbs all the grease and leaves nasty stains. When I moved him, I also switched over to a plastic base.)

So there you have it, a behind-the-scenes look at my little cake book. I hope you had as much fun reading about it as I did making it.

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