My 4 Minutes of Fame


As most of you probably know by now, I had the extreme honor of appearing on Breakfast Television Montreal to promote Fun With Frosting on Monday.

Although, I’ve been an extra in TV shows and movies (many, many years ago, in what pretty much feels like a different life), this was my first time actually speaking on television. My acting past certainly helped with my nerves, as I think I got through the interview without getting too flustered. (I only watched it once, because, seriously, how awful is it to hear your own voice? It just sounds so wrong!)

In fact, I’d say I was much more stressed about all the other little details than the actual appearance part!

For instance, the day before the show, I pulled out the top I’d been planning on wearing (one of my favorites, a brilliant blue sweater), only to find it had a huge pull in it – right front and centre, of course. Cue panicking.

I must have spent an hour trying on (and re-trying on, and re-re-trying on) alternate shirts, but I didn’t like any of them! The biggest problem was that I’d been told not to wear all black – which eliminated more than half my tops. Finally I remembered I had a blue-patterned scarf that I could use to break up a black top, and I was saved!

The next stress was actually getting my cakes intact to Montreal. I took the train (since I *still* am not allowed to drive with my concussion.) I was terrified I was going to drop the cake carrier, or be told I couldn’t bring it aboard, but somehow I managed to hold my clumsiness at bay until I reached my destination.

Also, it turns out walking through a train station with a large cake carrier gets a lot of attention. I felt like I was navigating an obstacle course of “Ooh, for me, you shouldn’t have”s and “Who’s the lucky birthday girl?”s (all well-meaning, of course, but a bit nerve-wracking when I was certain I was going to drop the whole lot at any second).

Miraculously, though, I made it to the studio without falling prey to any disasters. Everyone at the show was lovely and welcoming, and I had a blast showing off my caking skills. And, let me tell you, four minutes just flies by!

Want to see how I did? Follow this link to watch the video for yourself.


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