What’s Up With Me

Up Cake 015

Well, I promised to let you all know how I did sticking to my self-imposed deadline for my YA Contemporary revision, so here we go:

I missed it.

That’s right, my YA Contemporary is still unfinished. Boo.

Boo-urns, even.

There were a few factors that contributed to not getting it done, including 3+ weeks of flu (stomach and respiratory – lucky me!). But the main reason was receiving an editorial letter from Bri’s assistant for SHADOWCATCHERS (my MG Fantasy). Since we want to get that puppy polished up and back on sub ASAP, that revision’s deadline took the place of my YA’s deadline.

And that deadline I managed to hit. (Yay, me!)

I admit, I really wanted to get my YA done before I left on vacation (especially since I’ll be coming back to mad preparations for launching FUN WITH FROSTING), but now I have an excuse to occasionally escape my kids and in-laws (sorry, guys, got to work!). Plus, I’m hoping to bug my psychiatrist aunt-in-law for help with a few details for the book, so really, it all works out.

I also managed to get blog posts written and scheduled for the next few weeks, so I won’t completely disappear from social media while I’m away – although I expect my internet connection to be spotty at best, so this may be the only place you find a trace of me.

How did you fare with your deadlines? Let me know in the comments.


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