Logline Critique

Best "log" cake I could find - from my Settler's of Catan cupcake cake.
Best “log” cake I could find – from my Settler’s of Catan cupcake cake.

In honour of Authoress’s ON THE BLOCK contest next month over on Miss Snark’s First Victim (if you’re a querying writer and you don’t know this blog, go check it out, I’ll wait) I am hosting a logline critique here on the blog. Details at the bottom of this post.

What is a logline?

A logline, or elevator pitch, is a short summary of your book (about the length of time it would take to tell someone in an elevator ride). Similar to a query synopsis it should hook the listener/reader into wanting to read more, without revealing the ending. These pitches are essential for Twitter Pitch Parties, conferences (“So, what are you writing?”), and anytime someone asks you what your book is about.

Authoress posted some great links here, and I’ll add my two cents by saying the best loglines will include some (if not all) of the 4Cs of query synopses – which I wrote about here.

Loglines for the ON THE BLOCK contest and this critique opportunity should be 75 words long, max (but less is better. Really. Mine, below, is 46 words.)

Now for the part you’re waiting for: The Critiques.

Starting Monday August 17th at 9am (EDT), until Wednesday August 19th at 5pm (also EDT) I will be accepting Loglines sent to my email: kimberlycallard (at) hotmail (dot) com. I will take the first 50 loglines (or however many I get by 5pm Wednesday). I will post the loglines in the morning on Thursday August 20th. Any that arrive before or after the entry window will be deleted unread.

Please only one entry per person, even if you write in different genres/age groups. As this is a warm-up for the ON THE BLOCK contest, I will be limiting entries to: all genres in MG, YA, NA, & Adult, except Erotica/erotic romance (Sorry PB writers!).

Your email should be formatted as following:

Subject Line: Logline Critique


Age Category & Genre: (eg. MG Historical Fantasy)


Name: (eg. K. Callard)

Logline: (eg. The only thing keeping 12-year-old Zane out of the slums is his job as a palace Shadowcatcher. But when he finds out he’s actually stealing souls, he must choose between the murderous job that keeps him in luxury, or quitting and becoming the Empress’s next target.) *Again, remember, 75 words, max!*

If you have a logline up for critique, I ask that you crit at least 5 other loglines. If you don’t have a logline up for critique, please still come by and help out your fellow writers with critiques.

All right, I think that’s all you need to know. Put any questions in the comments, or tweet them at me @K_Callard.



7 thoughts on “Logline Critique

  1. I’ve been reading your critiques and I am impressed. You have a good eye (ear?) and I’m learning a lot from what you’ve written. I wanted to take the time to say, Thank You. Your logline critique was a very generous gift to the community.

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