Summer Scheduling


Summer is (and I think will be for several years to come) the hardest time of year for me to get work done. Last year, I had the extra complication of a concussion, but honestly, having to entertain three 4-6-year-olds all day, every day for 9 weeks is no picnic. With that in mind, I thought I’d post up my goal list for the summer. I’ll check in after school starts again in September and let you know how many goals I accomplished.

1. One blog post a week – this might prove tricky, especially since I’ve been having trouble coming up with ideas to post about. Anyone out there have suggestions for a topic they’d like to see covered? I’m all ears – put your ideas in the comments, or tweet them at me (@k_callard).

2. Rejoin my online crit group – It’s been over a year since I’ve been on it, but now that I can spend more time on the computer, it’s definitely time to jump back in. The group requires one crit a week – so hopefully I can find the time to squeeze that in.

3. Expand my social media presence – For now that means Tweeting regularly, trying to up my number of followers (I’d love to hit 200 before the end of the summer – hint, hint if don’t already follow me), and commenting on at least one other blog each week.

4. Start revising my YA – The critique I received at the Montreal conference pointed out a few (major) things wrong with my YA, so it’s time to try and fix them up. The good news is ideas for fixes have been haunting me lately, so it’s just a matter of finding the time to write…

5. Write at least 1 new PB – I have a few PB idea-sparks floating around my head, the trick now is to figure out how to fan the flames and turn them into stories.

Right, think I’m going to leave it at five. I’ll let you know in September how many I managed to achieve.


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