Forget Diamonds…

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…for the past eight months, sunglasses have been this girl’s best friend. But sunshine and blogging are just two of the many things that have been inducing crushing migraines since I got my concussion. I give you, in no particular order, my list of

Things I Couldn’t Do With a Concussion:

1. Go on the computer – that’s right, no email, blogging, social media, or (gasp!) writing. My amazing husband has been reading important emails to me, but other than that, I’ve been completely cut off.

2. Write (on paper) – for a while I couldn’t even handle making a shopping list. Eventually I was able to crit existing work in paper form, but writing new material has been beyond me.

3. Read – this has been one of the hardest for me. I looked into audio books, but without a portable cd player, my only option was mp3 format, which of course, requires the use of a computer. Now that I’m finally allowed some screen time, I plan on trying them out.

4. Watch TV – this one wouldn’t have been too bad if I’d been able to do any of the things listed above.

5. Go anywhere, anytime, without my sunglasses and hat – that’s right, I wear my sunglasses at night. Seriously, though, it wasn’t just daylight that bothered my head, it was any bright light. Needless to say, I got a lot of “traveling incognito” comments.

6. Dance – Not that I do this much any more, but I had to drop out of a Bollywood class I was really looking forward to because even a slow twirl made me nauseous.

7. Exercise of any kind – It wasn’t just twirling that hurt my head, any kind of running, jumping, swimming, etc. was out of the question.

8. Go to a busy store – Trying to navigate through a sea of people was yet another thing that made my head spin.

9. Go to a concert/play/show/movie – The Bare Naked Ladies were playing in town, on my birthday, and I had to miss it. Talk about unfair.

10. Query – My husband helped me send out a few 12×12 submissions and some requested material, but querying has pretty much slowed to a halt.

11. Think – Seriously, thinking hard literally hurt my brain.

12. Remember things – I’ve always had an exceptional memory, but these days I’m lucky if I can remember my own phone number.

13. Do crafts, puzzles, or coloring with my kids – which led to number 14:

14. Handle my kids’ screaming (or any other loud noise) – I think I’ve worn my earplugs almost as often as my sunglasses.

15. Sort socks – This is a silly one, to be sure, but there was something about scanning through the piles and trying to process matches that just broke my brain.

16. Decorate cakes – Any of you that follow this blog know that cake decorating is my main (non-writing) hobby. This year was the first time in four years that I missed the Threadcakes competition. (You can see my previous entries here)

I bet you’re wondering what that left me with. Well, here is the (much shorter) list of

Things I Could Do:

1. Sleep – My brain needed time to heal, so I spent way too much time snoozing in bed.

2. Clean – My house has never been cleaner. It’s kind of sad, actually.

3. Cook – You know, so long as I didn’t need a recipe.

4. Listen to TV – I’ve never really been one for radio, so instead I’ve been sitting blindfolded through hours of stand-up comedy, and old episodes of Buffy and Angel (which I’ve watched enough times to be able to follow blind). My latest discovery has been the excellent descriptive video on CSI re-runs.

As you can guess, it’s been a pretty tedious eight months. But it hasn’t been all bad. Tune in next week to learn What My Concussion Taught Me.

(Curious about how I got my concussion? Check out my post here.)


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