Busy as a Bee


I’m going to try and keep this week’s entry short and sweet, because The Girl’s birthday is this weekend, and between preparing the house, games, food, and cake for her party, I am booked solid.

May was a really productive month for me (I wrote 3 PBs, did 4 revisions – 2 were very different versions of the same PB – and got the 1st chapter of my YA Contemp up to be critted).

It’s always hard balancing writing time with other chores/commitments, and I know this week is going to be a write-off (ba-dum-bump-ching). Hopefully I can squeeze in some more writing before school ends. I already have a PB outlined, so my goals for this month are writing out the first draft for it, revising Chapter One of my YA, and posting Chapter Two, as well as finshing writing the end of the story…

What about you? Are chores eating into your writing time? How do you balance home and writing (and a job, if you have one)? Tell me in the comments.


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