A Patchwork Post

Image(Side view of a patchwork cake I made for my grandmother-in-law)

I wasn’t really sure what to write about this week, so I thought I’d just catch you up on the writing adventures I’ve been having this week.

PB #1 – finished the first draft of a new PB for Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge. The MC is a spunky eight-year-old with attitude, and one I could see evolving into a series. Need lots of revision to pull this draft under 800 words, so I can send it off to my crit partners.

PB #2 – completed the first and second drafts of a PB for The Girl, to help her deal with upcoming dental work. I don’t plan on pursuing publication with this one, so I just might try and illustrate a final copy for her (if I can find the time in the next few weeks before her appointment)*

MG Contemp WIP – 500 words in. Still loving the idea, but not sure I’ve found my voice. I started in first person POV, which I don’t usually write in, and I think my MC sounds a lot older than 12. Debating switching it to my more usual third person to see how it develops.

Queries – Followed up on a couple of queries that have gone well past their reply-by time. I hate not knowing if agents are just really backed up, or if my stuff is going straight into a spam filter/otherwise disappearing in cyberspace. Sent out a new batch of queries to different agents, just to keep my work out there. Crossed all my fingers, and some of my toes.

SCBWI Schmooze – attended a meet-up with other local writers and illustrators. Had fun meeting new people and talking shop. Tried not to be discouraged by being one of only two unpublished writers there. Looking forward to the Fall conference in October.

And that’s it. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a productive month or not, but so far things are looking good. What about you? What writing adventures have you got up to lately? Tell me in the comments.


*Update: I think this story might work too well. I read it to The Girl last night and she begged to go to the dentist ASAP. It was really hard telling her she has to wait a whole month for her appointment.


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