Fractured Fairy Tale Contest Entry

Susanna Leonard Hill is having a contest on her blog to write a fractured fairy tale, with an optional spring element. It was a challenge to stay under the 400-word limit, but, squeaking in at 399 words, I give you:


Little Red Riding Hood and the Tiny Rude Bunny

Once upon a springtime, Little Red Riding Hood encountered a bunny nibbling grass near the forest path. He said, “Good morning, little girl. Where are you going?”

Now, Red knew she should not talk to strangers. She had talked to a wolf once, and had almost been eaten! But this was just a tiny bunny, so she said, “To grandmother’s house.”

“What’s in your basket?”

“Fancy eggs,” Red answered, showing him. The eggs sparkled like beautiful pink, blue, green, and gold gems. “We’re going to share them with the village children.”

“I want them!” The bunny grabbed at the basket. He was not a very polite bunny.

“No!” said Red. And off she went.

The bunny was angry. He wanted those eggs! He would trick her into giving them to him.

Over the river and through the woods, the bunny raced to Grandma’s house. And, because bunnies are very fast when they want to be, he got there well before Red.

Bunny knocked on the door. No one was home. So he ran inside, put on Grandma’s clothes, and jumped into her bed, just as Red got to the cottage.

She was suspicious immediately.

“Grandma, you look so small today.”

“People shrink as they age,” the bunny said. “It’s not nice to point it out.”

“What big ears you have.”

“Ears never stop growing. A polite girl wouldn’t mention it.”

“What big whiskers you have.”

“How rude!”

“What big teeth you have.”

That was the last straw for bunny. “The better to eat your eggs,” he said and jumped from the bed.

Red wasn’t scared. After all, this wasn’t a big, bad wolf, this was a tiny rude bunny. She picked him up by the scruff of his neck. “No,” she said. “In fact, as punishment, you can deliver these eggs to the children for us.”

“Good idea,” said Grandma, coming in and pulling out a wand. (Ever since the incident with the wolf, Grandma had been studying witchcraft as self-defence.) She cast a spell to make the bunny deliver the eggs.

But the bunny was tricky. Instead of giving the eggs to the children, he hid them around their houses. The next day he went back and stole the ones they’d missed. But the kids had so much fun that Grandma let the bunny keep his eggs, so long as he promised to hide more again next year.

Now that you’ve read mine, head over here to check out the rest of the awesome entries.


23 thoughts on “Fractured Fairy Tale Contest Entry

  1. This is so delightful, K (sorry I don’t know your name!) I love your funny twist on Red Riding Hood with that tiny rude bunny 🙂 and how you turned it into a how-the-easter-bunny-got-started story! Masterfully done! Thank you so much for joining in the fun!

  2. Thanks Donna, Cecilia, and Wendy. I think even the Easter Bunny misses a a few eggs, though – at my house, there’s always a couple that turn up a week or so later 😀

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if he would come back for the eggs we miss? We once found one months later by the awful smell. My dad made us count them every year after. Great story!

    1. Katie – we too used to find them weeks later (some got hidden inside cereal boxes, so you wouldn’t find them until the end of the box) but they were chocolate, so no harm – as long they didn’t melt.

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