Putting a Spring in Your Step


It’s the first day of spring today, not that you’d know it from looking outside. Lately I’ve been feeling like my writing career is about as frozen as the weather. So today I thought I’d give myself and you a public pep talk to remind us all that winter can’t last forever, and sooner or later brighter days will shine.

Here goes:

You wrote a book. Take a moment and let that sink in. You wrote a whole novel (and/or picture book or books). You didn’t just talk about it, or think about it, you did it.

Not only did you write it, you thought it – unlike those horrible poems you used to write in high school – was good enough to try and get it published.

And then you started learning. Independent learning. You scoured the Net and schooled yourself. You learned how to write query letters and synopses, and how to revise. You analyzed every book you could get your hands on. You stalked researched agents. Heck, you even started a blog!

Somewhere in there, you also made new friends. Writer friends. Critique partners. People who encourage you and make you better. People who love writing as much as you do. Who love your writing as much as you do (some days, like today, they might even love your writing more than you do).

You found inspiration. You have a whole file (or notebook, or folder) of story ideas just waiting to be written.

Each and every one of these things is a success that should be celebrated.

Sure, you’re not at the end of the journey yet, but when will you be? There will always be another step: got an agent? Then you need a contract. Got a contract? Then you need to write another book, get another contract, get 5 star reviews.

There is no destination, only an ever-lengthening journey. So, enjoy the trip. Curl up with a blanket and some cocoa while you still can. With any luck, all too soon we’ll be complaining about the heat.



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