14:14 Blog Challenge Day 11

Pigeon Stay Up Late

Title: Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
Author & Illustrator: Mo Willems
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Year: 2006
Word Count: 199

Summary: It’s bedtime, but the Pigeon doesn’t want to sleep, so he tries every trick he can think of to convince you (the reader) to let him stay up late.

I wasn’t going to look at two Pigeon books, but I just had to examine Willems’ use of Character (see my last Pigeon post) and Conflict. What I love the most about his use of Conflict in this book is that the conflict is between the Pigeon and the reader.

The books starts with the Bus Driver (who is now the Pigeon’s owner/keeper/father-figure) asking the reader to stop the Pigeon from staying up late. Then the Pigeon comes up with excuses and pleas, each more desperate than the last, to try and stay up. (“It’s the middle of the day in China!”)

The Pigeon gets more and more frantic, upping the tension until the final inevitable (well, to anyone who’s ever dealt with a child who wants to stay up, it’s inevitable) conclusion.

My kids love getting to be the ‘bad guy’ in this book. I’m certain they’ve tried just about every technique the Pigeon uses to stay up late, yet they love getting to be the ones to tell him “No!” This book is just too much fun, and a great read for bedtime.


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