14:14 Blog Challenge Day 9


Title: Fox and Squirrel
Author & Illustrator: Ruth Ohi
Publisher: North Winds Press (An Imprint of Scholastic Canada)
Year: 2013
Word Count: 178

Summary: Fox and Squirrel are as different as can be…but there are a lot of things they have in common too – even if others can’t see it.

For this book I decided to look at the element of Theme. The theme of the book is friendship.

The text starts with Squirrel questioning why they are friends when they “are very different.” “Not that different,” Fox replies. Each time Squirrel points out a difference, Fox reminds Squirrel of their similarities.

But it’s the pictures that really illustrate the relationship between the two animals. Even though they’re arguing, Squirrel shares his snack with Fox, and helps warm him when he’s cold.

And when Rat shows up and questions why the two are friends, they don’t hold a grudge against him.

This book is sweet, and touching, and shows how people (well, animals, technically) don’t have to be carbon copies of each other in order to be friends.


One thought on “14:14 Blog Challenge Day 9

  1. Aww, this book sounds very sweet. I love the cover illustration too! You can tell the story is going to be sweet just from the cover image alone. And you can tell it’s about friendship, a very popular and very important theme in picture books. Nice post!

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