14:14 Blog Challenge Day 4


Title: Down the Drain!
Author: Robert Munsch
Illustrator: Michael Martchenko
Publisher: Scholastic Canada Ltd.
Year: 2009
Word Count: 892 (approximately)

Summary: When Adam’s Dad gets distracted while supervising bath time, things quickly spiral out of control!

Robert Munsch is an absolute master of Patterns. This book is a great example of how he uses repetition and the Rule of Three (I’m a big fan of the Rule of Three, have you noticed? I’m also a big fan of Munsch’s books).

When Adam gets dirty his father tells him, “Your hands are dirty. Your face is dirty. Your feet are dirty.” Three things. Adam’s response? “No, no, no!” Three nos. (Noes? How do you pluralize ‘no’?) Followed by:

“Soap in my eyes!

Soap in my ears!

Soap in my mouth!”

Another set of three.

Once Adam is in the bath, his father is distracted by three different phone calls (Which he answers “Hello? Hello? Hello?” and signs off, “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.” More threes).

The bathroom floods, and Adam’s dad begs him to pull the plug. But Adam won’t agree until his father fulfills, you guessed it, three requests. When Adam finally does pull the plug he gets sucked down the drain, and has three problems stopping him from getting out.

But the three problems have three solutions, and the second last page has yet another wonderful three word alliterative description of Adam’s new situation (I’m not going to put it here, you’ll just have to read the book and find out).

I love Robert Munsch books (especially the ones illustrated by Martchenko). The way he uses language, the repetitions, the silliness, I could go on – and I will when I evaluate another Munsch book later in 14:14.


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