14:14 Blog Challenge Day 3


Title: The Pocket Mommy
Author: Rachel Eugster
Illustrator: Tom Goldsmith
Publisher: Tundra Books
Year: 2013
Word Count: 1162 (approximately)

Summary: When Samuel is nervous about going to kindergarten by himself, his mommy gives him a pocket-sized version of herself to keep him company. But he soon realizes kindergarten is no place for mommies – especially pocket-sized ones.

I decided to look at the element of Dialogue for this story. Samuel and his mommy (both real and pocket-sized) trade realistic dialogue throughout the book.

“You’re real?”

“Sure!” the Pocket Mommy called, in a pocket-sized voice. “I’m here to help.”

Each page of the book mixes dialogue and description, finding a perfect balance. At the beginning, when the Pocket Mommy is being helpful she has just a single line of dialogue to illustrate her helpfulness:

In Circle Time, Samuel couldn’t remember the words to the song.

“I can help!” said the Pocket Mommy.

But as the Pocket Mommy’s help gets more overbearing and interfering, her dialogue increases:

“These books need a good sorting,” she declared. “Stays, stays, goes. Stays, stays, goes.”

In this book it is the dialogue that really illustrates the relationship between Samuel and his mommy, underscored by the descriptions and pictures. My kids love watching (listening?) as Samuel’s dialogue starts sounding more and more parental, and the Pocket Mommy’s starts sounding more and more childlike, until eventually he realizes that he doesn’t need a Mommy at school as well as at home.


6 thoughts on “14:14 Blog Challenge Day 3

  1. The cover of this book grabbed me right away! And I love the concept of a pocket-sized mother. I hadn’t heard of this book before. I will definitely look it up. I’m surprised to see that it is 1162 words long! Do you think the story could have been told in fewer words or is it just right?

  2. I like the length of this book, but I do sometimes paraphrase when I read it to my 2-year-olds. I tend to like my PBs between 600-800 words, but I can see why this one is longer.

  3. Now THIS is a delightful approach! I would grab that book off the shelf immediately, especially with the cover illustration. I am surprised at the length of the text too, seeing that it is a recent publication. Probably the idea carried the decision to publish. Great review, thanks K.

  4. Such a cute book and clever idea. I love how you showed dialogue and how their relationship hinges on it, kind of. I love your insight into how the roles shift. Great job!

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